10 Celebs That Looked Really Dorky In Their Yearbook Pics

We rarely stop to think about it, but not all celebs were always as hot as they are now. And we’re not even talking about those who got plastic surgery right now. Lots of famous celebs that you find incredibly attractive haven’t always looked like that, and they too, as most of us mortals, went through an awkward phase when they were teenagers. Some of them just looked dorky as hell or didn’t know how to pose for pictures, others really were an ugly duckling before they grew up. So let’s take a look at some of the dorkiest celebrity yearbook pictures, we bet it’ll do wonders for your self-esteem.

1. Beyonce
Queen B looks nothing like herself in this yearbook photo, am I right? I mean, just look at that hair. Are those the old school hair clips on the sides? That’s so cringeworthy. But hey, no one would dare to mess with her now, right? She’s on a whole new level now.

2. Anne Hathaway
Can we just all collectively agree that Anne actually looks like her character in Princess Diaries here? Little to no makeup, awkward smile, is that a middle parting? All she’s missing is some braces on her teeth.

3. Chris Pratt
So you probably already think Chris Pratt’s transformation from the guy in Park and Rec into a Hollywood hottie is incredible, but wait till you see his yearbook photo. I mean, doesn’t he look like the biggest dork ever? And on top of that, apparently he was really into wrestling in school. Who knew?

4. Emma Stone
Now that’s a photo of a girl who really wants to come off funny and friendly but is clearly trying too hard. Emma actually had a pretty hard time in school and would have panic attacks regularly. But we’re glad she’s better now. You can still see bits of her old awkward self in some of her movies and interviews, but generally she clearly looks more polished now, and definitely way hotter.

5. Justin Bieber
Don’t get me wrong, but I still find it hard to believe people were actually into the Justin Bieber at the beginning of his career, ‘cause he basically looked the same as he does in this yearbook pic. He’s gone through some interesting transformations since. He got hotter, but he also became a nasty jerk along the way. You know, you win some – you lose some.

6. Natalie Portman
The weirdest thing about Natalie Portman is not how geeky or weird she looked in her yearbook photo, it’s the fact that she looks basically the same now, but you know, with makeup. How has her face not changed at all in all these years? Turns out all she needed in high school was to fill in her eyebrows.

7. George Clooney
Never in a million years would you look at George Clooney’s yearbook and think – that guy is going to be Hollywood’s biggest heartthrob. The haircut, the glasses, that freaking turtleneck. What was he thinking? Then again, those were different times. If this photo proves anything it’s that George Clooney is like fine wine – he gets better with age.

8. Megan Fox
Megan Fox is a great example of how puberty and some plastic surgery can really turn you from a dorky kid to every man’s, and let’s be real, woman’s dream. However, as a kid Megan was often bullied at school. We bet those bullies are sorry for their actions now.

9. Russell Brand
Who’s this chubby kid? It can’t possibly be the tall, skinny and handsome, if a little weird British celebrity. But it is! Russell had a very hard and strange childhood that involved a sick mother, a lot of drugs, bulimia and some very bizarre trips with his father. Yet look at him now!

10. Zooey Deschanel
Look at those chubby cheeks! We wonder if back then Zooey knew that one day she’s become Hollywood’s most popular pixie dream girl. Probably not, but it’s sort of adorable how her cute bangs have pretty much stayed the same her whole life.

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