Forever young: Sophia Rotaru and other stars that do not change over the years

Among the stars, too, there are such “forever young” – today they look about the same as 10 years ago.

Jennifer Aniston


The series “Friends” ended, scary to say, in 2004, and Jennifer Aniston is as good and young as her heroine Rachel Green. What’s the secret? Maybe the thing is properly selected haircut and makeup? The actress herself says that she just leads a healthy lifestyle: she is balanced in nutrition, practices yoga and trains for hours at the gym.

Kylie Minogue


Australian Kylie Minogue has always looked younger than her years. Maybe the matter is in the miniature of the girl, no wonder they say that a little dog is a puppy until old age. The star itself does not hide that it uses the services of cosmetologists and does not neglect the injections of beauty.

Elizabeth Hurley


But to believe that Elizabeth Hurley turned 54 this year is very difficult. Comparing her fresh photos with pictures of twenty years ago, it seems that Liz is just out of time.

Julianna moore


Julianne Moore is one of those actresses who respectfully accept any age, considering that each of them is beautiful in her own way. However, looking at photos of the actress of twenty years ago, it seems that nothing but the hairstyle in Julianne has changed. The secrets of the actress – good genetics and natural cosmetics.

Emma Bunton


Emma Bunton was only 18 when she became one of the Spice Girls. The youngest of the “peppercorns”, Emma seemed to be a cute “baby” against the other members of the Girl Band. More than 20 years have passed since then, but Emma’s appearance doesn’t seem to change. The girl is still fresh, young and cheerful! Keep it up, Emma!

Halle Berry


Actress Halle Berry is the very case when years make a woman only more beautiful. She is 52, and she is still as good as 20 years ago. The former Bond girl admits that the secret of her youth is constant gym workouts and proper nutrition.

Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful Latinos in the world. Today she is 43, and she looks just like in the distant 2004, when we first saw Eve in Desperate Housewives. Like other ageless beauties, the actress is faithful to the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Sofia Rotaru


We simply had no right not to include Sophia Rotaru in the list of “forever young” stars. I can not believe that the singer is 71 years old! Her skin is all the same smooth, and the figure can only envy. According to Rotaru, she has no secret (we do not believe!). Everything is trivial: proper nutrition, exercise and healthy sleep.

Laima Vaikule


Laima Vaikule is one of our favorite stars. Always stylish, light and well-groomed Lyme Vaikule at 64 looks simply luxurious. When asked how she manages to look younger than her years, the singer laughs off: “These are genes, I don’t have to try too hard.”

Ekaterina Andreeva


Despite the insane rhythm of work on television, Ekaterina Andreeva looks much younger than her years. Today, the presenter looks almost the same as at the beginning of her work as a news announcer. Catherine gladly shares her secret of youth and beauty: you need to go to bed no later than 10 pm, because from 22 to 24 hours in a dream a hormone is produced that is responsible for youth and beauty. Plus, of course, skin care.

Irina Allegrova


For years Irina Allegrova has been faithful to her image of the “empress” of Russian pop music. We do not know whether the singer resorted to beauty injections or the services of plastic surgeons, but in her 67 Allegrova looks much younger and still as dazzling as she did 20 years ago.

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