The 10 Secrets Every Woman Should Keep From Her Man

As sincere as we may appear, there are always secrets that we women hide, subconsciously or otherwise. Not even the smartest women are totally sure about when to open and when to keep their mouths shut. Let’s check out the secrets that should remain secrets for our men. Believe it or not, you’ll thank me later for not sharing those 10 with it.

We miss our ex’s

Sometimes we miss our ex boyfriends a lot. The girls do not need to be satisfied. If you still suffer from that difficult ending and want to share your feelings, your mate should be the last person on earth to know about it. No matter how attached you are, just do not do it. Sharing with a friend while having a bottle of wine will be much better.

We chased our ex!

OK, chasing sounded a little crazier than what we actually do. It’s literally impossible not to check out the guys we were in a long time ago. That does not mean we still love them. It’s a curiosity that should not be taken seriously. In addition to chasing the ex-girlfriends of our boyfriends, just because we can. We love our time alone. We often say we miss our partners, but is it true? Only in part! In fact, we are also happy when they are not around so that we can take some time to relax ourselves.

We hate sports

We hate to watch, we even hate trying to understand the rules of certain types of sports activities. Going to a game is a real torture. But we will anyway; Let’s call it sacrifice. When we fall in love with the guy, we stop eating It is scientifically proven that falling in love is a stressful event, and losing your appetite is something completely normal in this situation. He does not need to know that. And you do not have to pay attention, either.

How many partners have we had before?

Every girl wants her relationship to be sincere. But when the guy asks how many men she slept in, she’d probably say half the true number. It is not a lie, but a sexual amnesia, which happens almost involuntarily. We should not really confess if we do not want to. Being sexually active is part of our adulthood, so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

We go through daily highs and lows in relationships

One day we love him so much and in the other we do not support him. But the next day, we feel anxious and want to pretend that nothing happened. The other day, we just have to kiss and cuddle. But then we become angry and history repeats itself again. Women are emotional creatures, but do we need to tell you about all this? He may think we’re crazy! Our best friends know everything about our man Even if we do not want to share everything literally, it happens. She knows all our fights, the size of his bank account and how stupid one of his friends is. We share more than we have planned and we do this at our own risk. But we’re sure the secrets are safe with her.


cry more often than he thinks He makes us cry for many things and will never know how much. Sometimes we do not even know exactly why we are crying at the moment! But it’s okay, we do not have to be strong all the time.

Our opinion on his friends / family

Think twice before informing your man about his personal conflicts with the people he loves. He will definitely feel guilty and think he is in the middle of something he can not solve. Being in a relationship means you know the people in your life, but that does not mean you have to see them all the time. In case of any misunderstanding, try to be polite and neutral, respecting your man, rather than complaining.

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