Top 10 Hottest Bikini Models in The World

Bikini models are the stuff of guys dreams and the inspiration for millions of women around the world. While a woman does not want to be harassed by a guy she does not mind it when he looks admirably at her nearly exposed torso.

Women love to be eye candy for guys. Well, at least they do some of the time. Being a bikini model just helps a female to sell a really great bikini product or just to show off her goodies. The following top ten hottest bikini models 2019 are among the best in the business.

10. Irina Shayk

Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova is known as Irina Sheik or Irina Shayk. She is an exceptionally beautiful Russian model that has joined the Swimsuit team in 2007. She has also secured a contract as a face of the Intimissimi Lingerie line. Irina is 30-years-old and still looks yummy to the senses. She stands about 5’ 10” and has a beautiful curvaceous rear end. Her hair dark brown and long. Shayk’s eyes are sparkling green. She is a bikini model honey that few men can resist.

9. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is plus sized bikini model for Sports Illustrated. She is a world renown modelling babe that is known for plus size features. Regardless of Ashley’s weight, she is one honey that many guys would love to eat up. She is thick but in all the right places. Her body looks inviting and warm. Graham is the type of babe that a guy would want to snuggle onto and not get let go for any reason. She has an incredibly beautiful face that matches her wonderful physique. People should love them some Ashley Graham they won’t be disappointed.

8. Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge became a bikini model for Sports Illustrated in 2014. Here’s the thing about Aldridge. She has smoldering dark brown eyes, luscious dark brown hair with beautiful streaks and she has a body that is well proportioned. Her legs are long and lean. Her breasts are full and squeezable. Her rear end begs to be caressed and held tightly. The point is that Aldridge is the perfect bikini model that brings her A-game to the Sports Illustrated line up.

7. Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman has been a model for some time. She hails from Atlanta, Georgia and this African American diva is truly a bikini model that cannot be ignored. Iman has a beautiful skin tone and slim features. But she has just enough curves to make her light brown eyes and dark hair stand out. She is so feminine in any swimsuit that she shows off on her toned body. She looks good and she can wear a one-piece, two piece and even a thong. Iman rocks and her swimsuit body is out of this world.

6. Bo Krsmanovic

Bo Krsmanovic is a Serbian bikini model that probably does not need to wear a swimsuit. I do not say this in a negative way. The fact is that Krsmanovic is too pretty to wear a swimsuit. Her body is just too enticing for a guy to maintain control. She definitely could not come out into public without having a gang of body guards to literally protect her amazing body. Krsmanovic would just capture a man’s attention too much and cause a serious public disturbance. Yes, she really is that hot in a swimsuit.

5. Rose Bertram

Rose Bertram is a beautiful Belgian bikini chick that will make guys drool. She is young (just 22), sexy and in her prime. Bertram is 5’ 7” tall. She has blonde hair and blazing green eyes. What really makes her such a big draw is her golden-yellow skin tone. Her butt is not big and juicy like a Kardashian but it would be lie to say that it is not sexy. A guy would love to view this chick from the backside every chance they would get. The point is that Bertram makes a swimsuit look amazing. She is a black Belgian woman who is truly a major modelling star.

4. Samantha Hoopes

Samantha Hoopes sounds like a name for a female basketball star. However, she is certified bikini model that will blow a man’s mind. Hoopes got curves. Hoopes got cleavage. Hoops got just about everything that a bikini model needs to be a star in their job. Hoopes looks like a towering figure in her pics but she is only 5’ 8” tall. She has dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes. Hoopes looks mesmerising and there is no denying how fine she truly is as a lady and a top-rated bikini model.

3. Barbara Palvin

When you see Barbara Palvin has milky skin and a very provocative appearance. When she puts on a swimsuit it will be hard for a guy to think strait. Palvin is a young at 23 and she is still coming into her own as a lady. She has the look and feel of a top-rated bikini model who is going to do some big things in her career. Palvin is kissable, huggable and lovable. GUysw how are fortunate enough to see her live and in person won’t forget her at all.

2. Kelly Rohrbach

Kelly Rohrbach is a certified blonde bombshell. She stands at 5’ 9” tall and she has some amazing features. Her breasts are full and bushy. She sometime poses topless and she can barely cover her plump mounds with her hands. Rohrbach is a honey that is very adoring as well as alluring. She is the kind of bikini model that appears in a man’s fantasy. Kelly is a bikini model extraordinaire.

1. Hannah Ferguson

Hannah Ferguson will make capture a guy’s attention no matter what side he views her from. If he sees her from the front he will instantly stop in his tracks. If he views her from behind his eyes will cause him to follow after her. If he sees her from the side he will become more interested in seeing the other parts of her. Ferguson is a bikini model that cannot be easily ignored. She is truly one of the best bodies in the world that can sport a bikini.

Bikini models are just simply amazing women to behold. They do show off their bodies for the world to see. They do this because they are incredibly beautiful women with a lot reveal.

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