Top 10 Hottest Female Figure Skaters In The World

In the world, there are some young, talented, beautiful and most stylish female athletes that made outstanding career in field of skating. These are the females of present time that delight our eyes as well as hearts every time when they do skating. Below is a list of the most beautiful women figure skaters that retain the world of sports cool each winter season.

Skating is extremely interesting game played as individually, in groups as well as and this game was initiated in year 1908. This sport has various levels such as regional, local, national and global competition however it measured as difficult task. Difficult task is among those men and woman with diverse type of skating such as tour skating, speed skating, road skating and several other types. You may be wandering about beautiful and hottest female figure skaters in world in 2019, for that just have a look at below:

10. Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner is considered as extremely hottest and beautiful female figure skater since year 1996. Since she began her career, it was furnished with great success and gained immense popularity from audience because of her attractive look. It is known that this American-based figure skater is being coached by expert coaches like Nadezda kanaeva, Rafael Arutyunyan, and John Nicks. Ashley began skating at an early age of five and in year 2005 to 2006 she shifted to junior international debut where she won medals. Ashley launched her career in this sport by her senior debut in year 2007 to 2008 locally as well as globally.

9. Kaetlyn Osmond

Kaetlyn Osmond is another beautiful female figure skater, born in Marystown Newfoundland. 1995. She initially launched her skating career in year 1998 and turned out as the hottest female figure skater across the world. Moreover, due to her sporty skills, Osmond attained big attention from people from different parts of world. It is known that this beautiful female figure skater launched her senior level career in year 2011 from the Canadian championship her leading global as well as national debut in year 2012 to 2013. It was the time when Osmond got victory for the title of national Canadian championship. Moreover, she was coached by Ravi Walia, due to which she learned many new things in this field.

8. Tessa Virtue

Tessa Virtue is year 2010 Olympic champion, renowned as a Canadian ice dancer as well as beautiful female figure skater across the world. This lady is very popular and possesses attractive personality with the companionship of Scott Moir. She is presently 28-year-old young and hot looking female skater from London. Tessa began career in skating in year 1997 by Scott Moir Aunt who stayed as her coach. This female figure skater attained great success at early phase of her career in years 2001 to 2002. Moreover, she also won bronze medal as well as a position in year 2002 Canadian championship.

7. Gracie Gold

Renowned as a Junior silver medallist, American figure skater named Gracie Gold os presently just 22-year-old. She belonged from Newton Massachusetts and she attained victory two times for US national champion in year 2014 to 2016. Gracie’s place I world championship at fourth successively in years 2015 and 2016, added to her fame. It is known that she began career in skating at an early age of eight by seeking training from Max Liu and the Amy Vorhaben. Later on, Gracie began performing in year 2012 international debut at junior grand prix held in Tallinn Estonia as well as she was gold qualified on junior level for US championship.

6. Tanith Belbin

Tanith Belbin is basically an American ice dancer as well as a popular host of Olympic program broadcasted on ABC Sport channel. Tanith is presently 33-years-old beautiful female figure skater from Kingston, Ontario. This lady started her staking career at an early age of three and she began performing in Ice dancing when she was of age nine. Tanith initiated partnership in year 1998 with Agosto through 2000 and she won two medals on ISU Junior grand Prix serious as well as in year 2001, she got the medal of world junior Championship. Presently, Tanith is very attractive and celebrated all over the world as the hottest female figure skaters followed by several people.

5. Evgenia Medvedeva

This Russian figure skater is beautiful and hottest in the world, presently young of age 18 years. Medvedeva has won world champion for two times, she has been two times Grand Prix Final champion and two time European champion as well. It is known that her mother was too a former figure skater and moreover she was on ice at an early age of three. Medvedeva started to work at senior national at year 2012 Russian championship in year 2014 globally. Moreover, Medvedeva initiated junior international debut as well as became winner of many titles. In period from 2015 to 2016, this lovely figure skater became a senior international level as well as got a gold medal at Ondrej Nepela Trophy.

4. Gabrielle Daleman

Gabrielle Daleman is regarded as Canadian figure skaters, renowned as beautiful and hot looking female figure skater all over the world. This beautiful figure skater is so much artistic and admired by people because of being best skaters and eye-catching figure. Presently Daleman is only 19-years-old, born in Tornado and she began skating at an early age of four. She was encouraged by the Joannie Rochette in year 2013 and later she got silver medal from Canadian Championships, positioning after Kaetlyn Osmond. Besides this, Daleman even received many other titles such as 2014 Skate Canada Autumn Classic, 2016 CS Nebelhorn trophy, 2016 Canadian championship in Halifax Nova Scotia and 2017 Canadian championship.

3. Karen Chen

Securing the fourth place in year 2017 world championship, Chen is declared as one of the hottest female figure skater all over the world. Moreover, she became more prevalent and achieved great attention from this sports lover internationally. Presently, Chen is only 18-years-old and received excessive fame internationally as well. Basically she is an American figure skater coached by the Tammy Gambil, while name of her former coach is Gilley Nicholson. It is known that she started skating in year 2005 and she won initial senior national medal in year 2014 at Czech skate. Moreover, she even received US championship in year 2015 due to her talents.

2. Maria Sotskova

Maria Sotskova is presently 17-year-old figure skater from Russia. This beautiful figure skater was being coached by Elena Buianova in Reutov and by her former coach is Svetlana Panova. Sotskova started career in skating at an early age of three years and her inspiration is Carolina Kostner. Besides this, she is talented and attained many medals in short period of time and attained extreme fame. Sotskova is too ranked as the hottest female figure skaters all over the world and in year 2015, she got gold medal at her events in Latvia, Riga and Linz. Moreover, in December 2016 Sotskova received Bronze medal by winning Russian championship.

1. Carolina Kostner

Recognized as one of the topmost, Carolina Kostner is declared as the most beautiful female figure skaters in entire world. She attained excessive popularity among the people as well as her fans due to her talents in skating. Kostner won European champion five times in 2011 grand Prix final champion and several medals are also received due to her finest performance. Lately in year 2017 she even won ten medals right from European champion and she was ranked as the most decorated single skater in European contest. She is presently 30-years-old figure skater, born in and she began skating in year 1990 at an early age of three.

The game of skating is made more interesting by these beautiful, young, and hottest looking female figure skaters. Few of these figure skaters have attained lot of success and fame in very short period due to their beauty and gorgeous look and most importantly their talents.

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