The 8 signs to realize that he is interested in marrying you

If you are looking for commitment and a long term partner, you definitely want to find out sooner or later if you are “the right person” when it comes to him seeing a future with you. To overcome this anxiety, look for some of these signs.

No mind games

He will not play mind games, but will give “what if?” Tips What if you had the chance to move to another city? Or if you decided to join the toothbrushes – would you risk any of that? These are all the questions he is asking to see how you feel is when it comes to making the big decision.

Aspect of “team” of the relationship

When he is speaking, focus on the language that highlights the component of the team, where the shift from Me to Us and Us occurs. You are no longer the lone wolf who makes decisions for a person – you have a life together and you would not make important decisions without your partner.

Inviting to meet the family

One of the strongest indications of a guy wanting to join you is him entering you into his family and introducing you to even the most distant family – your not-so-favorite uncle and boring aunt. This is a sign more sure than others that things are serious. He wants you to know your parents, siblings and even cousins ​​and uncles so that the future is properly guaranteed.

Things that matter to you are important to him

Remembering the little things makes all the difference. That means the man you are dating pays attention to you and everything you have to say. He will never forget your birthday or any other date that is special to you. Your man will notice the slightest change in the way you dress, how you use your hair, your bad mood, or if you are avoiding it. For him, you are the most important person and therefore everything that matters to you is important to him – good and bad.

HE is your protective shield

Jealousy comes into play when you talk to another guy. He is protective of you, but not possessive, and wants you to make sure you do not get hurt anyway. This does not mean that he is controlling you. It just means that it protects you no matter what the situation. He will defend you against everything and everyone, without thinking twice, and would not even consider hurting you.

He is not with you just for a wedding make

sure that you are not just a seasonal adventure for him. If this is a possibility, he may be playing with your heart and hurting your confidence, not counting the time lost. Establishing expectations and limits from the outset is vital for these reasons.

Sharing is caring.

It’s an open book. He feels that he is able to express his feelings and talk to you freely. You know about your hobbies, your friends and your activities. There are no secrets and he likes to share about his life by talking to you about how he is feeling and thinking. Be sure to share your story with him as well, and this will increase your bond.

Trust Your Instinct

If your instinct tells you after everything that has gone on together that he is still not the right guy, do not ignore this warning sign. If you do not feel that you are going the same way, do not hesitate to give up. Sooner it is better when it comes to following your own path. If, however, he is the man of his dreams, there will be a strong hunch there as well, and an instinct about whether the future looks bright with him.

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