Top 11 Hottest French Women

France is a country which is known for its art, fashion, culture, and film industry. French people are considered to be the most attractive people in the world. Their women are symbol of beauty, combined with brain. They have used this god gift to the most. This is the reason why French women are the top most models in the world. So here is the list of top 11 hottest French women in 2019.

11. Elodie Yung

Date of Birth: 22 February, 1981
Profession: Actress
Height: 5’7 (1.7 m)
Net Worth: $2 million

Élodie Yung is well known French actress, popularly known for her role in the MCU Netflix series Daredevil. She was born in Paris, France. In 2004, she got her first acting debut with a lead role in the feature film Les fils du vent. After that she was offered a variety of roles in different movies and television series. Some of her successful films and television series are District 13: Ultimatum, Les Bleus, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Gods of Egypt and The Defenders. Élodie Yung net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

10. Melanie Thierry

Date of Birth: 17 July, 1981
Profession: Actress, Model
Height: 5’2 (1.6 m)
Net Worth: $8 million

Melanie Thierry is a French actress and model known for her amazing work in movies like Babylon A.D., The Legend of 1900 and The Princess of Montpensier. She was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France. She started her acting career at the age of 18, with television film named “L’amerloque” in 1996. After that, she has done variety of roles in movies like Jojo La Frite, Quasimodo d’El Paris, Canone Inverso, Charles II: The Power and The Passion, Largo Winch, You’ll Miss Me, Impardonnables, The Dancer, A Decent Man, A Perfect Day and many more. Melanie has bagged many awards for her astounding work in movies. She has won César Awards for Most Promising Actress in Le dernier pour la route, Luchon International Film Festival for Best Young Actress in Fête de famille and Order of Arts and Letters Award. Melanie Thierry net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

9. Virginie Ledoyen

Date of Birth: 15 November, 1976
Profession: Actress
Height: 5’5 (1.66 m)
Net Worth: $6 million

Virginie Fernandez popularly known as Virginie Ledoyen is a French actress known for her versatile role in movies like La Fille seule, Les marmottes and L’eau froide. She was born in Aubervilliers, Seine-Saint-Denis, France. She was a born actress as at the minor age of 2, she did her first TV commercial and at the age of 10, she did her first movie named “Exploits of a Young Don Juan”. Later she has done many award winning movies and television series such as Cold Water, A Single Girl, The Perfect Guy, 8 Women, All About Love and many more. This beautiful actress has bagged many awards like Berlin International Film Festival Awards, European Film Awards in 2002, Paris Film Festival and SACD Awards in 1998.

8. Melanie Laurent

Date of Birth: 21 February, 1983
Profession: Actress, Singer, Director, Screenwriter
Height: 5’2 (1.57 m)
Net Worth: $8 million

Melanie Laurent is known to be one of the most successful actress, singer, director, and screenwriter in the French film industry. She was born in Paris, France. She started her acting career at the age of 16, with a minor role in the movie named “The Bridge”. Some of her blockbuster hit movies are Dikkenek, Don’t Worry, I’m Fine, Inglourious Basterds, Room of Death, Beginners and The Day I Saw Your Heart. Melanie has won many awards in her acting career, she has won “Alliance of Women Film Journalists Awards”, “Austin Film Critics Association Awards”, “Awards Circuit Community Awards”, “Berlin International Film Festival Awards”, “Central Ohio Film Critics Association”, “César Awards, France”, “Gold Derby Awards”, Golden Schmoes Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and list is countless. Melanie Laurent net worth is estimated to be $8 millions.

7. Eva Gaelle Green

Date of Birth: 6 July, 1980
Profession: Actress, Model
Height: 5’6 (1.68 m)
Net Worth: $10 million

This beautiful French actress and model gained popularity after her debut movie “The Dreamers” in 2003. She is the daughter of Marlène Jobert, who is a famous French actress, singer and author where her father Walter Green is a dentist. She was born in Paris, France. Eva Green became internationally successful after her movies like “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Casino Royale”. She was also appeared in many famous independent movies and television series. For her versatile roles in movies and TV serials, she has grabbed many awards. She has won BAFTA Awards, Empire Awards in 2007 and Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in 2016. She was also ranked as the 6th sexist movie star of all time by Empire Magazine in 2007. In 2012, she was ranked at #57 positions on the list of “After Ellen Hot 100”.

6. Roxane Mesquida

Date of Birth: 1 October, 1981
Profession: Actress, Model
Height: 5’5 (1.65 m)
Net Worth: $2 million

Roxane Mesquida is a famous French actress and model. She was born in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France. Her first breakthrough was given by a French director “Manuel Pradal” for the movie Mary from the Bay of Angels, when she was just 11 years old. This French beauty known for her fashion sense and her style is always praised by the various fashion magazines like Vogue and French Vogue. She was featured on cover page of several famous magazines such as Italian Vogue, French Playboy, British Asos, Crash magazine, Citizen K and many more. Roxane is known to be one of the hottest French actresses of all times.

5. Bérénice Marlohe

Date of Birth: 19 May, 1979
Profession: Actress, Model
Height: 5’9 (1.75 m)
Net Worth: $2 million

Bérénice Lim Marlohe is another hottest French actress and model. She was born in Paris, France. She is best known for her role in one of the most famous James Bond film Skyfall. Apart from that she has given many successful hits to television and film industry. Her movies like Happiness Never Comes Alone, 5 to 7, Redivider, Song to Song and Kill Switch are highly praised by critics. She was also nominated in Golden Schmoes Awards and National Film Society Awards for the movie Skyfall in 2012 and 2013. She endorses many popular brands and she is also a brand ambassador of Omega Watches. Bérénice Marlohe worth is estimated to be $2 million.

4. Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey

Date of Birth: 26 May, 1986
Profession: Actress, Model
Height: 5’7 (1.71 m)
Net Worth: $4 million

Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey is a well established French actress and model. She was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. She is well recognised for her role in famous movies like The Sea Wall, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and I Origins. She also earned many awards and nominations for her stellar performances. She earned Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and SACD Awards in 2009. She started her modelling career in 2010, by modelling for international clothing brand “French Connection. She has good command on many languages like English, French, Castilian and Catalan. Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey net worth is estimated to be $4 millions.

3. Marion Cotillard

Date of Birth: 30 September, 1975
Profession: Actress, Singer, Musician
Height: 5’6 (1.69 m)
Net Worth: $30 million

Marion Cotillard is one of the most talented French Actress, Singer, Musician and Song Writer. She is also a representative of Greenpeace. She was born in Paris, France. Marion belongs to a family packed with talented persons. Her father Jean-Claude Cotillard is an award winning actor, director where her mother is also an actress and drama teacher. She rouse to fame with the internationally successful film “La Vie en Rose” in 2007. Marion resumes boats of many heart warming performances and Awards. So far she acted in over 50 films. Marion trophy cabinet is pretty impressive. She earned 76 awards and 112 nominations for her stellar performances. She has also bagged the Academy Awards, USA, Golden Globes, USA, BAFTA Awards, Cannes Film Festival and list goes on. In 2014, she was announced as the Most Bankable French Actress of 21st century. She is also a brand ambassador of Lady Dior handbags.

2. Lea Seydoux

Date of Birth: 1 July, 1985
Profession: Actress
Height: 5’6 (1.68 m)
Net Worth: $5 million

Léa Hélène Seydoux-Fornier de Clausonne popularly known as Lea Seydoux is a one of the most promising French actress. This versatile actress best known for her commercially successful hit movies like Belle Épine, Inglourious Basterds, Robin Hood, Midnight in Paris, Farewell, My Queen , Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Spectre. For her astonishing roles in movies, she has grabbed 16 awards and 30 nominations. She has won Cannes Film Festival, Central Ohio Film Critics Association Award, CinEuphoria Awards, GFCA Award, FFCC Award and list goes on. She is known to be the hottest French actress of era, as she appeared in many fashion magazines and she is also the face of many popular brands.

1. Audrey Tautou

Date of Birth: 9 August, 1976
Profession: Actress, Model
Height: 5’3 (1.6 m)
Net Worth: $20 million

Audrey Justine Tautou is one of the finest and hottest French actress and model. She was born in Beaumont, Puy-de-Dôme, France. At the age of 18, she got her first break in the feature film “Venus Beauty Institute” in 1999. Her stellar performance was critically acclaimed by everyone and she was awarded with the “César Award for Most Promising Actress” for her debut film. In 2001, another blockbuster hit film named “Amélie” earned her the European Film Awards, César Awards, BAFTA Awards and this movie was also nominated in several prestigious award shows. Some of her commercially successful films are Dirty Pretty Things, The Da Vinci Code, Priceless, A Very Long Engagement and Coco avant Chanel. The actress also endorsing many designer fashion brands such as Chanel, Montblanc and L’Oréal.

France is famous across the globe for art , fine quality of wines, and as capital of romance. The beautiful French women are a major reason why France is known as the Romance hub of the World. These women possess a brilliant feature in terms of hotness and brains. They had been dominating in fashion and movie industry. France especially Paris is considered the fashion capital due to these beautiful and gorgeous women.

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